How It Works

We strive to become your nutrition and health partner for life. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to achieve best health for optimal performance in life through food and exercise. This is a mix of preventive approach for diseases as well as achieving high performance in life.


Upload 23andme Data or get a DNA kit 

If you have already done 23andme genetic test then you can upload your raw data file. If you need a genetic test kit we can send you one.

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Nutrition Intelligence Analysis

We analyze your report for important diet and fitness genotypes to understand how they interact with your diet and exercise. We use this information, your lifestyle, your blood report and goals to give you better recommendations. 


Provide you meal and fitness plan every week

We don't stop at analysis. We provide you with actionable meal plan and fitness plan by becoming your personal assistant in making eating decisions and connecting you with the best food around you.

Your genes are not your destiny. You can influence them.
— Dr. Deanna Minich