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Healthbit: Your Personal Nutrition Intelligence Assistant

We all are unique.

your diet should be too!


From your DNA data you can know:

How you metabolize carbohydrates, fat and proteins

Vitamin(A,B,C,D, E..) and mineral absorption and risk status

Eating behaviours like eating between meals and fat taste perception

Motivation to exercise

Endurance or power related exercise

Risk of injury like Achilles Tendon


Become a beta user for Nutrigenomics mobile app

We all respond differently to food based on our genes. There is no one universal diet for everybody. It's important to know how your genes interact with your diet. You can enhance your health by making relevant lifestyle changes based on nutrigenomics. Fill this form to get started.

You'll receive a link for a mobile app in couple of weeks.

App will have your
- Nutrigenomics data
- Everyday recommendations  for food and workout based on your genes
- Tracking and reporting

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For 23andme users

Step1: Get your Raw Data file from and save on your computer

Step 2: Upload your 23andme raw data file here: